70 days in Alaska. No food! INCH scenario sort of…

by moab90245

You’ve gotta read this guys blog. He spent 70 days in Alaska on his own with no food. All he brought along (besides equipment) was salt and pepper. At the top of his blog is a link to his gear list. Of note he took a rocket stove and a pressure cooker with canning jars with him. And an inflatable wide kayak sort of boat. The canning system was a genius move IMHO. Although I wish they made better jars that weren’t prone to breaking like glass is. Maybe they exist? I don’t know.

Here he is explaining his adventure. But the blog is a must read if your into long term living in the woods. VERY interesting blog!:

“I always wanted to try something like this, so this summer I had a bush plane drop me off in late June in the Kootznoowoo Wilderness of southeast Alaska, with a scheduled pickup for early September. I brought survival gear, but NO FOOD at all, only salt and pepper.

It was a challenging experience but extremely satisfying. I fished, hunted and foraged for wild plants and berries.”


Here’s his gear list if you missed it: