Lightweight USGI Goretex at TAG. $29.88 jackets.

by moab90245

Price dropped to $29.88!

I’d like to point out the fact that these NOT the traditional heavy weight ECWCS that is hard to pack and heavy. They were developed for special forces according to comments below. Because they wanted a lighter weight version. This is a great entry level Goretex for $35!

If you’ve ever wanted a USGI “lighter weight” Goretex jacket. And not the heavy weight ECWCS stuff that is heavy and does not stuff well. Or just need a great hard shell at a killer price. Here’s a pretty great deal. TAG is a good place. I have no connection to them. (See below for a better endorsement. These were apparently made for special forces who wanted a lighter weight version of the overly heavy ECWCS jacket.)

$35 for a USGI jacket reversible woodland/desert. Shipping is like $7. These are lighter weight goretex jackets. Perfect for hiking and backpacking. Stuff fairly small. (They have the heavier weight but only in limited sizes.) These are a great hard shell at an unbeatable price. I bought one for my son. It’s not like the typical ECWCS jacket – big and bulky. These are thinner and lighter weight but rugged. And sizes up to 2xl long.


Traditional ECWCS heavy weight pants’ are $40:


Some comments from a more knowledgeable person than I on another forum:

“These are a phenomenal deal. It’s rare that they can be found retail. Damn near impossible to find in previous years. TAG must have lucked into a shipment of New Old Stock.

I used the Adventure Tech plain woodland version (non-reversible; pants & jacket set) for years. They were issue in my unit. Significantly lighter, more comfortable to wear, quieter, less stiff, and way more packable than standard ECWS Goretex. Each jacket & pant stashes into its own pocket. I still use a woodland/desert jacket I’ve had for years. If you are on the cusp between sizes, order the next size up.”

“As long as you get them large enough in size to allow for layering. They are not as good at blocking hard wind as the heavier ECWS Goretex, but they are so much more comfortable to wear, less bulky, and lighter to carry. I’ve worn them skiing.

They were originally designed to meet SOF requirements, because we bitched about regular issue ECWS Goretex being too heavy (and bulky to pack away). This stuff you can fit inside of a butt pack, a thigh cargo pocket, or an assault pack.

Think of them as light windbreaker breathable rain wear. Like a soft shell in terms of comfort, but much better for actual hard rain. ECWS Goretex fabric is stiff and hangs off of you. This stuff is more like a lightweight nylon runners jacket. It drapes across your torso & limbs. I never used my Army issue Goretex in the field while I was issued the Adventure Tech stuff. Nobody else on my teams used the heavier stuff either. Kept us just as dry for half the weight and half the stowed pack volume.”