How I pack my bags.

by moab90245

In my main pack I keep once a day things at the bottom. Like my sleep system, tent/shelter, clothing etc. Then above that things I might use more often – cook set, outerlayers, food etc. And then in the pack lid things I need ready access to – first aid, binos, maps etc.

But I also carry other EDC (every day carry) bags for when I lose my main pack or am away from it. I carry an HPG chest kit bag with my side arm, ammo, maps, gloves, flashlight, fire kit, etc. As a sort of BOB EDC if you will. Although mine is an INCH (i’m never coming home) bag. So the chest pack serves as my EDC for my INCH bag. Then I have a large USGI fannypack that I keep a COMPLETE but smaller set of items in just like the main pack. At least the 5C’s or whatever you want to call them.

I carry a poncho, first aid, smaller fishing kit, emergency blanket, collapsible water bottle, Fire kit, gloves, leatherman, cordiage, food etc. in my fannypack. It’s basically a smaller version of my main pack. So that in the event I am separated from my main pack. I can still survive on what’s in the fannypack and the chest pack. I keep these two things (fanny pack and chest pack) on me at all times. Like going to scout for water or collect wood.

If I had outside pouches on my main pack. I’d do the same thing. Place things I don’t use often in the bottom of the main pack, things I use more often above that, and then things I use often in the outside pouches for ease of access. But you should really try to have one extra layer of pack or bag that is your EDC if you will. It could save your life if you were ever separated from your main pack.