Good Big & Tall Polor Fleece jacket!

by moab90245

I’ll give a short review of the Columbia Steens polar fleece jacket in tall. You can pick them up at In sizes up to 6xlt. It’s the only polar fleece that fits me length wise. And the only polar fleece that comes in long besides some poorly made ones at Cabelas. (I picked up two of the Cabelas ones that were on sale a few weeks back. And they suck. The sleeves are gigantic. You could have them tailored. But not worth the hassle IMHO). The Columbia Steens is a much nicer weight polor fleece. Not sure of the exact weight but it’s called “MTR Performance Fleece”. But like I say it’s the only one that fits me big enough. I’m 6’3″ and have a long body. And a 52″ chest. So that gives you size relation right there. I’ve worn mine everyday for over a year now. With no signs of wear. My only gripe is that it won’t fit around my neck. But I have a pretty wide one. I can zip it all the way up. But it’s a little tight. But I may have an 18 or 19 inch neck. So your mileage may be even better. They come in a variety of colors too. You might find them elsewhere in tall. But it’s unlikely. Bigcamo also has a wealth of other big and tall outdoor clothing for men.