GREAT leather tactical gloves!

by moab90245

Don’t let the picture fool you. These are actually a nice ranger green type color. They hit the sweet spot between a lightweight tactical glove and a leather work glove. Something you could pick a hot pot up with and not burn yourself. And CHEAP! Like $9.99 cheap. The leather weight is something a bit above traditional USGI black leather gloves or leather work gloves if you’ve ever used or held a pair of those. Except they have a thick split cowhide palm section. A really tough glove that isn’t going to wear out anytime soon. More like a glove you’ll have for a lifetime. Yet cut like a tactical glove. And again, a great ranger green type color.

Like always. I have no connection to this seller. Just a great pair of gloves. I can’t believe how cheap they are. They don’t have all sizes. But if they do – do yourself a favor – and pick up a pair. You can’t go wrong. (This is the same place you can pick up the MOLLE II large rucksack in multicam for $79!)