Homemade MRE suggestions:

by moab90245

This is a list I keep for grocery shopping prior to an outing. Add your items in the reply section below. Harmony House also has GREAT dried fruit, vegetables, meats & meals – link at the bottom:

Knorr chicken and pasta dinner
Knorr beef and rice dinner
Knorr chicken and rice dinner
Marie Callender’s Easy Sides
Maruchan ramen noodle soup
Idahoan home-style instant potatoes
Idahoan four cheese instant potatoes
McCormick onion gravy mix
McCormick mushroom gravy mix
Armour treat in metal can
Armour Vienna sausage cans
Star Kist tuna in foil pack
Sardines in soybean oil
Single serving coffee pouches
Nestle instant cocoa pouches
Herb-ox beef bouillon pouches
Country Time lemonade pouch
Bigelow herb tea pouch
Peanut bar candy
Trader Joe’s Dried Mango
Trader Joe’s Black Mango Tea
Trader Joe’s Kipper Snacks
Beef Jerky
Coffee Creamer
Peanut Butter
Mac & Cheese w/dehydrated ground beef
Olive Oil
Crystal Lite Peach Iced Tea/Fruit Punch
Mountain House meals
Lightweight MRE entrees (Or other things out of traditional MRE’s that are lightweight.)
Hard candy
Pita bread
Dried Fruit
Dried Vegetables
Smoked Fish
Cliff Bars

I also want to try some of this guys home dehydrated meals. Be sure to click on his channel he has tons more. His barbecue spaghetti is supposed to be out of this world:

For all your dried foods needs check out this place. Great prices and you don’t have to buy bulk:

<a href=”http://www.harmonyhousefoods.com/?AffId=142″><img border=”0″ src=”http://www.harmonyhousefoods.com/assets/images/affiliateBanners/affiliateBanner3.jpg”></a&gt;