Backpacking loadout.

by moab90245

Here’s my backpacking loadout. It’s custom tailored to how many days I will be out. Meaning food & fuel. I will ad pics in the coming days. And proper weights.

1lb Beef jerky
4 Mountain House Meals –  As many as will fit comfortably.
12pk – Peach iced tea/Fruit punch Crystal Lite
2 bags – Garlic salt and Johnnys seasoning
Instant coffee
Dried creamer
12pk – Trader Joe’s Black Mango Tea

Kelty Cosmic Down 0F sleeping bag or MSS bags to suit season.
Klymit skeleton coyote x-frame pad or Big Agnes full size pad.
Marmot Trailight 2P tent or Swack Shack Multicam Tarp
Emergency Thermal Blanket

CountyComm am/fm shortwave radio that runs 150 hours on one AA.
2 – Midland GXT1050VP4 2 way camo frs/gmrs radios – runs off rechargable AA’s.
2 emergency whistle Fox 40

Small Powder
Baking soda in film canister – as backup Toothpaste and acid med (I have acid reflux – BADLY)
1 toothbrush
Bug spray deet
Cigarettes x days out (I know. Terrible.)
Nail clippers
2 Zip lock freezer bags
1 Roll toilet paper
1 Bottle camp soap Dr. Bronners

1 4×4 ziplock with dryer lint and vaseline balls
2 Packs Waterproof Matches
3 Bic Lighters
2 fire steel – misch steel

Lexan full size fork and spoon
Czech Mess kit (Only outside container. Ditched the interior pot for weight savings.)
1 Fancy Feast Alcohol Stove.
12 ounces HEET or Alcohol – depending on time out.
1 pair of small EMT shears
1 Large sewing needle
12 AA NIMH rechargable batteries in devices.
Instapark 10 5w solar charger
21″ Sven saw
Small compact binos
Duct tape (1/2 inch of lightweight wrapped around a credit card.)
Pad of paper waterproof
Carpenters pencil
Leatherman Multi-tool
P51 can opener
200ft 550 Paracord
300ft(?) 50lb test braided fishing line.
6 Plastic Zip Ties
6 Ranger Bands
1 Sharpie

Glock 357 with holster
40 rounds 357
ESEE 5 survival knife/kydex sheath
Mora OD Green with 4 inch blade. Kydex sheath
Headlamp Ultrafire UF-H2 B Head light – runs 11 hours on one AA.
Foam ear plugs

HPG conceal carry chest pouch. (Contains handgun/ammo/gps/flashlight/maps)
Gregory Z65 backpack or Arteryx Khyber 80 multicam backpack
1 Multicam fanny pack as EDC (Contains multiples of fire/water/cordiage/fak/fishing kit/poncho/headlamp/emergency blanket/snare wire/mora knife)
Misc. Silnylon pouches to keep clothing and sleeping bag dry

Nalgene with aluminum canteen cup
Platypus water bag 2L (This is only for backup. Only used in emergency should I lose other water containers.)
Camelback water 3L
Water Purification Tablets

2 micro photon II lights
12 AA Rechargeable Batteries
1 Fenix E21 flashlight
Samsung Galaxy S4 cellphone, 64gb micro SD card.

1 pair Columbia hiking pants. Tan. (Would gladly trade these for something lightweight in multicam.)
1 pair Columbia hiking shorts. Green. (Would gladly trade these for something lightweight in multicam.)
1 synthetic Columbia hiking shirt. Green. (Would gladly trade these for something lightweight in multicam.)
1 Polarfleece Columbia jacket. Black. (Would gladly trade this for something in multicam or camo.)
Gen II ECWCS jacket. Multicam.
1 Super lightweight down jacket with hood. This thing is a heater. Maybe weighs 10oz? Very packable.
Merrel Moab Ventilator boots or McRae sage green goretex lined combat boots.
Mosquito hood
Sythetic baseball cap.
5.11 fleece cap
Perscription sunglasses.
Perscription glasses.
1 Bottom and Top Merino wool base layer.
1 set of Gloves leather tactical shooting style with silk liners
4 Pairs of Wool Socks
4 pairs of lightweight synthetic socks
1 multicam neck gaitor
1 OD Green shamagh (doubles as towel)

2 Compasses – Suunto and Silva
2 button compasses
Topographical Maps
Handheld GPS Garmin Etrex 20

Emergency cash. Small bills.
Credit cards
Insurance card
Important numbers – phones, addresses etc.
State and Federal licenses
Bank account numbers
Medication list

1 quickclot or celox (i bought the celox it was cheaper)
1 Roll of Kerlix
1 credit card of 3 inch duct tape
1 israeli bandage
1 Kravat/Triangular bandage
1 Bug Spray
5×5 Mole Skin
Triple antibiotic cream
12 Benadryl
12 Imodium AD
12 800mg ibuprofen
12 prescription pain reliever
1 camp tweezers
100 pill metamucil
2 large safety pins
2 Suture kits

Important Documents Inventory:
Birth Certificates
Drivers License/Permit
Weapons Registration
Hunting/Fishing License
Concealed Carry Permit
Car Registration
Car Insurance
Medical Insurance
Credit Cards
Bank Information
Social Security Cards
In Case of Emergency Contacts