The “old” INCH pack loadout.

by moab90245

This is my old INCH pack loadout. INCH stands for “I’m never coming home”. It’s for use in an extreme emergency when you have to flee your area. And survive on your own for a long term. It’s perfect for someone with limited funds and a strong back. As it’s mostly military surplus gear. Which means it’s heavier than other commercial items available. That are generally both better and lighter weight. But more expensive. I already had or traded for most of the things in it. But a typical loadout like this would probably cost you in the neighborhood of $1500.

My new INCH loadout is here – But is quite a bit more expensive. I traded for much of it. But the lighterweight commercial items in it are far more expensive than those listed in my first loadout below.
This loadout can also be pared down for hunting, hiking or backpacking. Although my current loadout above is much more doable weight wise.


This is an INCH bag. It’s a long term Bug Out Bag. Assume this is an INCH bag for a long trek along the coastal Western United States. Through multiple seasons. But could easily work for many other AO’s (area of operation). My theory is that you should always have an INCH bag set up. As you never know what fate may befall your BOL (bug out location) or BIL (bug in location). So just assume it’s for long term.

Note that the categories are quite general at this point. Food/ammo/FAK/fire/weapons will be split between the FLC/Main Pack/Fanny pack. Sort of like an INCH EDC in the fanny pack and fighting vest. And main carry in the back pack. Just in case I’m split up from my main pack for some reason. FAK may seem a bit excessive. But this will need to become a survival kit for 3 to 4 people eventually. As we outfit them with kit. At this point though. Assume this is a complete kit for one man. Two at most. My first aid knowledge is limited. So I have not packed things I do not know how to use yet.

You’ll have to forgive my asundry Health and Welfare items. That are really NOT healthy. I smoke and drink coffee. Like an AK eats 7.62. That and I’ll use it for prison money. 😉 Same goes for the prescription drugs. I strongly believe that with a finite source these will be worth their weight in gold. And they are very light to carry. These are the only forms of currency I plan to carry. Except some excess(ive?) cash. Probably a grand or two.

Here are pics:

Front back and sides of the pack. MOLLE II large rucksack with 2 sustainment pouches, 1 Ridgecrest large sleeping mat, 1 camelbak, 4 medic pouches, 1 canteen pouch, 3-4 grenade pouches and one FAK pouch. Machete affixed to MOLLE webbing with zip ties. A terrible sheath that will eventually be replaced with kydex. The 4 medic pouches carry separate small items that are easier to find and better organized in outside pouches. The grenade pouches carry readily used items such as compass, cigarettes, headlamp etc. etc. The sustainment pouches carry mainly food. But some clothing items like hats for quickchange as needed.

The contents of the sustainment pouches. Three complete MRE’s and two complete Mayday applie and cinnamon boat ration bars. 3600 calories each. And some drink mix. I fully intend to make my own MRE’s though. To cut on some weight and make them better tasting. I will probably keep the Mayday bars though. The MRE’s are just to heavy and bulky. Will probably go with Mountain House and some filler food i.e. – granola bars, candy etc. etc.

Part of one sustainment pouch carries 1 fleece head cover, 1 pullover scarf, 1 shemagh, 1 headnet, one pair of polypro pants, 1 heavy duty space blanket, 1 plastic dry bag and some of my 200 yards(?) of 550 cord.

Mora with a 4 inch blade and green rubber.

My cigarette pouch. LOL! I also have two on my kidney belt. One for compass and one for headlamp.

Hygeine pouch. I still need to add some Dr. Bonners.

Fire module. Extra Zippo wicks and flint inside lighter. (I don’t know why the camo face paint ended up in there. I have the pouches labeled for christ sake! LOL!)

NAV module. doesn’t really carry much nav stuff at the moment. But will eventually carry maps and gps unit.

Tools module. With break out of fishing kit and gun cleaning kit. It’s an AK shouldn’t take much. But that’s commercial cleaner and oil in the bottles, brushes, tools and cloth. Module also includes 200-300 yards of 50lb test spectra fishing line, many yards of military 3 inch duct tape, Ragwood Forge diamond sharpening stone, etc. etc.

FAK module. See list above for complete contents. I still need to add painkillers (200+) and anti biotics (200+) – this is for use and barter.

Military Sleep System. Consists of two bags and a bivy.

Cold weather gear, 6 pairs of military socks, 2 pair of wool socks (not pictured) and 1 ECWCS polypro shirt. The cold weather gear is ECWCS version I or II I don’t remember. It also includes the fleece jacket liner. Whole thing cost me very little in ACU. Thus the shit color.

Snare module. Plan to augment this with a couple coni #10’s. If weight allows.

This is my EDC if you will for my INCH set up. This fanny pack will stay on me always. And is a mini version of the backpack. It holds all the same contents just in smaller quantities. So if I ever get separated from my main pack…

The fannypack contents.

The smaller fire module.

The smaller tool and fishing module.

The smaller FAK module.

Misc. items – crevat, drink mix and sunscreen.

Various items not pictured above. The Glock is a .357 SIG. I also have a .22 Berreta pistol. I’m thinking strongly about ditching the Glock for the Berretta.

FLV right side. This may go at some point. It’s heavy and not very comfortable on my neck. But I need something to carry my pistol and rifle mags.

FLV left side. The Navy survival knife is replaced with the Mora. Just to much weight. And I honestly like the Mora better.

This is one of the many AK47’s I’ve built. That will be either replaced with a tactical AK74. Or tac’d out with a Beryl folding buttstock (so that it will be at least partially packable) and Bulgarian black plastic handguards. Perhaps a taclite mount for my Fenix E21 (not pictured.).

USAF Goretex/Vibram green boots. I still need to add pants and a shirt. Would love to find something really lightwieght in multicam.

Small SAS survival guide.

And of course my wood gas stove. (Promotional plug here.)  :oh:

There are a few small items from my master list that have not gotten pictured. Mostly because I have not completed them yet. Like the thumb drive.


I also double listed a couple things as they hit multiple categories. Like machete etc. etc. That doesn’t mean I’m taking two. Just that it fits both categories.

(Haven’t decided on how much of each food to take. It’s going to depend on weight.)
mayday emergency rations
beef jerky
stoves: one wood burning jet stove handmade

Lexan large utensils
peach iced tea
garlic salt and johnnys seasoning
heat tabs
instant coffee and packets of sweetener/creamer
dried squid for bait and eating

sleeping bag – military 3 bag system
poncho usgi
sleeping pad – Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest SOLite Sleeping Pad
USGI Improve Combat Tent (still debating this with myself)
2 Thick Emergency Thermal Blankets

tiny amfm shortwave radio that runs 150 hours on one AA.
2 way frs/gmrs radios
headsets for both

baking soda in film canisters – as backup toothpaste and acid med
cut down stiff toothbrush
bug spray deet
bag of tobacco and rolling papers and as many packs of cigerettes as I can carry. (It’s like ammo people! LOL!)
nail clippers
Knot-Tying Playing Cards
zip lock bags
TOILET PAPER!!! (get a thick roll, cut out the cardboard center, and smash it down with vacuum seal, but place in
reusable ziplock)
1 roll floss (many uses)
1 bottle camp soap Dr. Bronners.
1 brown micro fiber towel
vaseline for moisturizor and fire

1 4×4 ziplock with dryer lint and vaseline
2 Packs Waterproof Matches
3 Bic Lighters
4 regular book matches – individual sealed
1 4×4 ziplock dryer lint in bag – sealed
2 fire steel – misch steel
1 zippo with fluid – for long term
2 tube of vaseline for mousterizer and fire starting

in place of wetstone
handcuff key
fishing gear – barbed eyelets for paracord, weights, 50lb test braided line, hooks, diamond jig, dried squid
auto reels two
lightweight mechanical watch
watch cover
camo face paint
1 pair of EMT shears
Snare Wire for trapping small game
sewing maul – the wood thingy you have – for sure larger sewing needles and a supply of 50lb braided line in green.  extra needles and line inside maul.
batteries and solar charger
small handheld hacksaw blade holder. (may add a Sierra saw with different blades instead.)
9″ chain wrench
spring punch
Small compact binos
duct tape – heavy weight and light weight for making bandages. (How much is to much? I have an inch of heavy weight wrapped around a credit card. And about 1/2 inch of lightweight wrapped around a credit card.)
pad of paper waterproof
carpenters pencil
Leatherman Multi-tool
super glue
p51 can opener
550 Paracord
Plastic Zip Ties
A few small sheets of rubber – like bicycle or car tire cut into large donuts – use as boot bands, holding stuff together, repair etc.
Cleaning Pad, Scotch Brite – for water purification filters
2 sharpies
extra small sharpening stone

(Haven’t decided on how much of each ammo to take. It’s going to depend on weight. Might just ditch the .22.)
broken shell extractor
gas port reamer
2 kiss knifes
Berrata 22 pistol with holster
Glock 357 with holster
6 AK mags
200rds 5.45
75 rounds 357
100 rds 22
Combat Knife Ontario Navy survival(?) I already own it. I may ditch this for the machete though. It kind of does the same thing.
Mora OD Green with 4 inch blade. Seriously thinking of ditching the above for this. It’s a great knife.
tactical rifle sling
headlamp Ultrafire UF-H2 B Head light – runs 11 hours on one AA.
foam ear plugs
gun cleaning kit
Fenix E21 for rifle and handheld flashlight. Need to find quick connect for weaver rail.

AK mag chest rig  Molle II FLC Assault Vest with extra ammo pouches.
2 heavy plastic bags  6mil,
USGI waterproof packliner bags. One large and two medium for outside pockets.
MOLLE II backpack
MOLLE II fannypack for EDC
MOLLE II medical pouches several
MOLLE II grenade pouches several for smaller stuff
(My idea is to use alot of pouches on the outside of my pack. So I’m not digging for stuff when I need it. No more than three or four of each though)

Canteen military issue with metal canteen cup
platypus water bag 2L
MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter water filter fits right into camelback and has cleanable ceramic filter
camelback water 3L
Water Purification Tablets

4-5 micro photon II lights
Extra bulb for flashlights
Rechargeable Batteries – try to run everything AA
Fenix E21 tactical weapon light – doubles as handheld flashlight – need to find quick release tac light holder for AK74.
cellphone and extra battery
tiny cig plug to usb adapter

heavier belt
1 bdu pants
1 bdu shorts
goretex military jacket and pants Gen I
camo face mask – net type
light weight running shoes
goretex leather hiking boots
2 long sleeve tshrts one black one camo
extra ripstop pant lightweight stuffable marpat or multicam
extra ripstop shirt lightweight stuffable marpat or multicam
waterproof pack cover multicam
mosquito hood
baseball cap, lightweight camo tube scarfe and fleece tube headover scarf that doubles as stocking cap
long underwear black – usgi gen III level I bottoms level II zip top – doubles as shirt
gloves tactical shooting style
neck lanyards for glasses and sungrlasses 550 cord?
2 Pairs of Wool Socks
6 pair of hiking socks
3 pack dark green RIT dye. To darken camo as needed.

2 Compasses – Suunto and Silva
3 button compasses
Compact Binoculars
Topographical Map
The map should include;
• Daily Traveled Work Route; your normal route to work
• Primary Alternate Roads (paved); your alternate vehicle travel route
• Secondary Roads (gravel or dirt); a back-up vehicle travel route
• TOPO map MGRS/UTM for compass or GPS use (terrain and waterways); a planned foot travel route
• Train Tracks (bridges across the rivers); for alternate foot travel
• River and Streams (covert); for foot travel
• Water Crossing Plans(boat and bridge locations); alternate ways to cross the water
• Water Drainage Canals (easier foot travel); for foot travel
• Storm Water Drainage Systems (covert travel); for foot travel
• Bus and Taxi Schedules; alternate travel
• Cache and Hold-up Locations; your preplanned locations
• Possible Supply Locations; hardware, outdoor and gun stores
Streetwise waterproof maps of Los Angeles, CA, OR & WA
Handheld GPS Garmin 12cx (will upgrade later)
2 emergency whistle Fox 40

SAS survival guide
US ARMY Special Forces Medical Handbook (may ditch this for weight and just keep it on the thumbdrive)
pocket reference
consider edible plants guide

Emergency cash (One to two grand.)Stashed throughout pack and self.
credit cards
insurance card
Important numbers – phones, addresses etc.
pi licenses
bank account numbers

30 Band-Aids
1 quickclot or celox (i bought the celox it was cheaper)
1 Roll of Kerlix
1 6″  Ace Bandage
1 roll of one inch tape durapore
1 roll of 3 inch tape/duct tape
3 Rubber Gloves
1 israeli bandage
2 Kravats/Triangular bandages
1 Asherman Chest Seals HOLD
1 EMT-sheers
2 burn-jel
1 dermabond (haven’t found this for cheap yet)
6 month prescription meds. (will have to work on this)
1 Hand Sanitizer
1 Hydro cortisone
20 Alcohol  pads
1 Sunscreen
1 Bug Spray
10 Mole Skin (I know where to get this stuff CHEAP!)
10 Cough Drops
25 triple antibiotic pouches
3 Panty Shields (multiple use)
30 Benadryl
30 Imodium AD
100 800mg ibuprofen (for use and trade)
100 norco prescription pain reliever (for use and trade – legally obtained from my back surgeries)
600 antibiotics (for use and trade)
1 camp tweezers
1 lidocaine cream (already had it – will probably bottle it very small – good stuff really numbs)
1 anti fungal medicine and 2% cortizone cream (prescription strength already had it)
1 betadine ointment (already had it)
100 pill metamucil
3 large safety pins

– copies of id, med records, perscriptions, photos, survival guides, vital documents, cash, check books, backup files, insurance documents, birth certificate, passport, etc. If we had to leave the house and never return, this is a starting 8place to get our business going again and access our financial accounts. The envelope on the outside is a card that has a list of other things to grab on the way out. This includes the backup hard drives. pictures, favorite web sites, email addresses, addresses, phone number list, and scanned copies of personal documents. Document copies included are; house deed, vehicle titles, gun receipts, birth certificate
Important Documents Inventory:
Birth Certificates
Drivers License/Permit
Weapons Registration
Hunting/Fishing License
Concealed Carry Permit
Car Registration
Car Insurance
Medical Insurance
Military ID/ID Tags
Credit Cards
Training Certificates
Bank Information
Marriage License
Marriage Certificate
Social Security Cards
Military Orders
In Case of Emergency Contacts
I’ve also begun collecting every kind of military or free information on the net (pdf’s) concerning everything survival and self sustained living.
Encrypted with Truecrypt