Self igniting fire starters.

by moab90245

Stumbled across this while looking for fishing lure designs. This guy combines combustible material (toilet paper) with a (strike anywhere) match and wax – to produce a sort of “all in one” fire starter. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this in DIY firestarters. I’ve seen cotton soaked in wax, and matches soaked in wax, cardboard soaked in wax etc. etc., but never the both together. You do of course need a surface to strike the match on. But there’s no having to combine the flame with the combustible material. It’s already all in one. And seems to burn alot longer than a wax covered match by itself. And IMHO seems alot more reliable than having to combine the flame and material yourself in adverse conditions. It won’t replace vaseline soaked cotton balls and a firesteel for long term use. But for normal hiking, hunting, emergencies and the such. Seems like a great way to start fires: