How to RIT dye cheap ACU gear Ranger Green.

by moab90245

There’s a ton of cheap ACU gear out there. But it’s cheap because of the off-putting color. This is a great way to buy that cheap gear (ACU) and make it not quite so fugly.

The colors in the video are a great example of the color you’ll get. Especially the pouch on the bottom right.

Here’s a video of what colors you can expect. It turns out pretty good:

In a 5 gallon bucket mix:
3 gallons of HOT water
1/2 cup Dark Green liquid Rite Dye (1/2 of 8 fl oz. bottle) Or equivalent powder.
1 cup of Salt
1 pint of 70% isopropyl alcohol
Let soak 20 minutes.
Then rinse.

That’s the best looking RIT dye job I’ve seen. I think I would shy away from using anything but Dark Green RIT dye. I’ve seen other ACU pouches come out really nice with just the dark green. Looks like 20 minutes is the sweet spot. Might be a good idea to buy some cheap pouches and do a couple tests. Just to see what exact shade you want to get. I also assume that “HOT” water means fresh off a boil.

This is extremely cheap too. You can pick up ACU molle stuff for seriously cheap. I’ve found complete packs for $50, pouches for $5 each, etc. etc. You could outfit yourself with a complete set up for well under a couple hundred bucks. Maybe even $150 with trousers and blouse. Dye it all at the same time and you’d have a complete ranger green set up in no time.

This dye may work even better –