Field Expedient Tarp hammock.

by moab90245

I think these are really cool. I feel all snug in my bed just watching it. That and they call them “pods”. I get a warm feeling when I hear the word “pod”. 😉

I’m sure others have done this. I know twyggy over on survivalist does this with his double duty usgi bivy bag. But I thought it was a nice way to get up off the ground if you tarp camp with a strong tarp. These guys are just using cheap blue type tarps and making them into nice enclosed pods that can hang from trees hammock style or as make shift shelters on the ground. Pretty cheap way to hammock camp. And a cheap way to get up off the ground and out of the elements if you find yourself in a super wet climate. The second one is the same idea just on the ground.

I’d think you could do way with all the ground lines by clipping more of those binder clips on the opening (or by using some better form of “clip”). Joining the top and bottom sides of the pod. So that rain simply runs off the edge. I’ve never been convinced enough to hammock camp. But this might be a neat idea to try out with a cheap tarp some time. I’ve been trying to argue myself out of tent camping and into tarp/bivy camping in the PNW. This pushes me a little closer to it. If nothing else it’s an “alternative” to typical tarp set ups. Like if you find yourself in a particularly wet area.