Arc’teryx Khyber 80 Multicam Pack

by moab90245

I love this pack because it comes in multicam, is large (80L), BUT is very lightweight. 4.87lbs to be exact. That’s right down there with other commercial packs even smaller in size.

But, amazingly, it comes in multicam. Not the typical heavy cordura multicam (That ends up weighing 10lbs or more.) but in a lighter weight nylon type fabric. I can’t find the actual name of the material but it has to be light weight to bring this pack in at such a low weight level. I only wish they would start making clothing out of this stuff. Like light weight hiking pants in multicam. Currently you can only find Crye’s 65/35 polycotton. Which are cotton number one. And are bulky and heavy number two. But I digress…

I really like how everything on the pack – from buckles, to straps, to cables – are small and lightweight. But not to small. And very rugged looking. It really looks like they tried to build a large rucksack for special forces with ounces in mind. (Which is probably what they did.) The shoulder straps and waistbelt look just as rugged as any you’d find on a typical commercial rucksack. But you can tell even from the pics that the strapping material is straight up tough. Without it being heavy weight nylon webbing type. It almost looks like cut strips of tarp material. But in multicam. And that’s the big deal with this pack. It’s a really lightweight hiking pack – but in multicam. Thus far I have not seen that combination in today’s backpack market.

Arc’teryx Khyber 80 Multicam

Large, lightweight 80 litre expedition pack built with the new C2 composite construction suspension system.

Clean design, significant features. Fast and light top loading patrol pack has streamlined cable and hose management and hydration ports to remain neat and compact. The C2 composite construction suspension system drastically reduces weight to optimize weight-to- carry ratio and bears load close to the body, conserving energy. Dual density shoulder straps distribute weight over a broad, rigid surface for increased comfort. Removable aluminum stays can be custom shaped. Essential features include removable top lid with hydration ports, external compression shelf and multiple internal and external lash tabs and daisy chains for versatile compartmentalization options. Wide shape minimizes silhouette, adds mobility while on patrol.

Technical Features
Supportive construction
Twin removable aluminum stays for durable support
Top and side grab handles
Pack Pocket Configuration
Large volume top pocket with key clip
Main compartment pocket
Pack Hydration
Hydration bladder clip
HydroPort™ openings on top of shoulders and on side pockets
Micro-webbing hydration hose loops
Pack Suspension Configuration
Anatomically shaped shoulder straps and hipbelt
Adjustable, removable sternum strap
Removable thermoformed hipbelt can be turned and clipped around main compartment for less bulk during transportation
Quick-release shoulder strap buckles
Padded, contoured shoulder straps
Rigid composite backpanel
Two removable aluminum stays can be custom shaped
Arc’teryx C² (Composite Construction) suspension system
Load level adjusters
Pack Loading & Closure Configuration
Extendable collar with drawcord for additional capacity
Top loading lid closure with two buckles to secure pack contents
Large, webbing pull-tabs for quick and easy, glove-friendly access
Corded zipper pull tabs
Pack Lid Configuration
Removable, quick-release top lid
HydroPort™ opening in lid
Pack Compression Strap Configuration
Four compression straps – two on each side
Modular, stowable bungee compression system
External compression shelf
Pack Attachment Configuration
Tabs for adding shock/ static compression cord
Micro daisy chains
Front attachment loops
Internal daisy chains
LEAF Features
Hydration and Comm ports allowing hydro tube, mikes and cords to be routed to either shoulder strap

So I got one of these smuggled into the US from CA (cheaper price). 😉 With the help of a very generous friend in CA. And I must say I’m impressed. It’s pretty much all I wanted. It’s very similar in construction to my Gregory Z65. I believe the fabric is the same thickness/strength. Except it’s all multicam goodness. Same with the shoulder straps – similar to the Z65.

A couple complaints though (none really I’m just nitpicking here. and pointing out things people might like to know.):

It’s not adjustable like the Z65 (a typical commercial backpack). Although it does fit my “tall” frame. I believe I come in at a 19″ or 20″ back measurement. And this pack just barely makes that. There is a slight adjustment of maybe one half inch one way or the other in the velcro fastener that holds the waistbelt. I do wish I had another inch or two to expand to. Might make me feel a little better about distributing that load onto my hips and off of my back/shoulders. But if your a medium to a large in pack size you’ll do fine with this pack.

One thing I like about it is that it is not covered with molle which would have made it alot heavier. It’s 5lbs. Which is the sweet spot for me in a pack. As far as durability vs weight goes. But that comes at a cost. I have no place to put my nalgene bottle. Even the waist belt does not have molle or any other attachment point. And there isn’t a water bottle pouch on the sides either. I may consider adding some molle webbing on each side. To accommodate my water bottle on one side and a long arm on the other. Although there is an attachment place that might work for a long arm on the very back under that bungee cord. My AK with folding stock will fit all the way inside the pack though. It’s a rather long pack. Which is a good thing in my mind.

I do have a small lightweight chest rig with a water pouch on it. But I recently ordered the HPG Recon kit bag to swap that out with. And I don’t think the recon kit bag will hold a full size nalgene on the front. Just to much weight. If anyone has any other ideas. I’m all ears. The only other place would be to stow it in my USGI fanny pack. But that would take up the bulk of the room in that. And I hope to carry essentials and items I want handy in the fannypack.

The camelbak hanger inside the top part of the pack (not the lid) only has one clasp. And my camelbak bladder (which I believe is GI) has two hold spots on the upper top right and left corners of it. It still holds the camelbak bladder in place. But at an angle with only one clasp and not two. It will work. But I think most bladders have two hold points. So they could have added another for standard sizing.

Some good points:

The waistbelt is filled with very stiff but moldable foam. If that makes sense. It’s stiff but soft. (I know that’s what she said.) 😉 Very comfortable and lightweight, while still providing a very firm hold on your hips. And it’s tough enough material that you can tell it’s not going to go soft or wear out anytime soon.

It’s multicam. Where else are you going to find a commercial weight (5lbs) pack in multicam? That doesn’t weigh 10lbs. Or twice as much. Eberlestock, Mystery Ranch and I believe even Kifaru makes multicam packs. But they all weigh in at 10lbs or more. That’s a deal killer for me. I don’t want ultralight. But I don’t need bombproof either. Even though this packs construction seems sturdier than I will ever need. It’s a very tough pack.

The buckles and straps. I like that they are not the largest but not the smallest either. The strapping is very tough. Almost like billboard material if you know what that stuff is like. Feels like it will never wear out. They are only like 3/4 inch? But plenty large enough to do what they need to do. Essentially just compression straps. No need for them to be monster straps or buckles.

The top lid is completely removable. Not that I ever will. I don’t think. But if you want to save even more weight you can ditch the top lid. In addition the pack has an extra 10 inches or a foot of space above the main part of the pack. There’s a name for that – escapes me at the moment. So you could ditch the lid and still have more than the pack size of the lid in the upper extension of the main pack.

All in all I’m pleased. I was going to go with the Eberlestock dragonfly. But after hefting it in comparison with this. I’m sold on the Khyber 80.