Jagd Terrier perhaps the best mountain dog there is…

by moab90245

The Jagd Terrier. It’s a small terrier used for hunting big game and small game in EU and the US. My grandfather had two of them. And they were the best mountain dogs I have ever been around. Small and easy to pack. Rugged winter dogs. Great for smelling out dangerous big game. Should any come your way. Very loyal and obedient. Make no mistake these are hunting dogs. They don’t like small vermin or large carnivores. My grandfather hunted bear with his.Since reading the below wikipedia entry. I’ve learned alot more about these dogs. They are used for everything from hunting underground to pointing for bird hunts. Originally called or otherwise called the German Hunting dog. They were originally bred in Germany between WWI and WWII to be better than their US and English equivalents – the Patterdale and the Fox terrier. They really are exceptional animals. And come from a very precise, large scale and aggressive breeding program out of Germany just prior to WWII.

My grandfather died several years ago. I wish I could have taken his Jagd Terrier at that time. But I was not in a position to take on another animal. They are a truly loyal and playful dog. I loved both of the ones he had. Great dogs all around. They can’t be beat for mountain hiking and hunting.

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This dog was originally bred out of the early days of German genetic engineering. Ya. Something very Nazi about their original breeding. But the dog can’t help that. And the result is pretty amazing. At one point the original breeders had over 700 dogs. And would not let a single dog out of their kennels (for sale). Until they had the breed down pat. Any offspring that did not live up to the breed standard (like many back in that day here and abroad) were shot. It’s an amazing dog to watch while hunting and treeing bears. It’s fearless. And very fast. To fast for a bear at least. And bears don’t like dogs. They’ll tree before they try to go after one.

On the other end of the hunting spectrum. It’s been reported that many US and EU hunters use them for waterfoul and birds. Pointing is a highly sensitive trait to have in a dog. And demands complete control of the animal.

My grandfather was not a great dog trainer. But I could teach that dog new tricks and techniques in minutes. I think if I could have taken him he would have been an even more amazing animal. And just the right size for taking hiking with you. Incredible endurance. Yet small enough to not have to pack a bunch of food. And if he ever got hurt – easy to carry out. I had a 50lb dog get injured on a hike once. Had a seizure. And packing him out was a huge struggle. As he had basically passed out after the seizure. And was dead weight. And no pack to carry him in. A huge consideration when considering a hiking dog.