Cheap concealed carry rig.

by moab90245

(I’ve since changed to a Hill People Gear chest pouch. Much nicer option. Also Desert Deuce is no longer with us. Makes me very sad. I bought so much equipment from them! But you can still find these components online. Maybe not as cheap though.)

This entire set up cost $41.38 plus shipping from Desert Deuce. And is all made my Condor. My Glock 32 and one or two mags fit perfectly in the square pouch. My Nalgene and nested cup fit in the H2O pouch perfectly. That is not the knife I will be carrying. Just put it there for reference. (Waiting on an Ontario RD4) I thought it would be a little clumsy or to much weight on my chest. But it rides really nicely. And the nice thing is it opens up into a large 9×12 map case inside the chest rig. I considered the Ribz and the Hill People chest rig. But I needed something to carry my water bottle and knife. As my commercial pack does not have anyplace safe to carry those items on the outside where I could get to them. I plan to use the little pouch on the H2O pouch for my GPS, compass and other small items.

This is how the chest rig is worn. It’s very comfortable. It has rotating clamps on the shoulder straps so that it conforms to your body type:

Here are the model numbers from Desert Deuces website. Sorry it’s such an ugly cut and paste.

Qty     SKU     Description     Price     Total
Remove         CO-MCR3     Condor Modular Chest Panel – OD, Black, Tan
(OD)     $16.76     $16.76
Remove         CO-MA40     Condor MA40 H2O Pouch – OD, Black, Coyote Tan, ACU
(Olive Drab)     $13.56     $13.56
Remove         CO-MA67     Condor MA67 G.P. Pouch – OD, Black, Tan
(OD)     $11.16     $11.16