Best solar panel for $50.

by moab90245

I detail two different solar chargers below. Check out the outdoor gearlabs website for detailed info:

In regards to solar power. I stumbled across this great review site. That is made up of hardcore serious hikers and rock climbers. Like nationally renowned dudes. Who test gear for real in the field on there expeditions. Here’s a run down of solar chargers from there:…eviews/compare

After reading the reviews and about the reviewers I’m partial to the Best Buy Award – Instapark Mercury 10:…ark-Mercury-10…item2c7573f31d

“This is by far the best deal in portable solar panels in our tests and it wins our Best Buy award. Even without its low price it is still an impressive performer. You can charge two USB devices at once including a tablet. It gives 10 watts of power in a relatively lightweight package. The charge does not get interrupted easily when a cloud or object passes between it and the sun. Few other panels of its size match its versatility, ease-of-use and price. If your main need is to charge a cell phone or small electronic devices, get this panel.”

That ebay listing shows it at just over $50. Not bad for a 10 watt solar charger! And one that will work in cloudy weather.

Although you guys may like the Bear Grylls one better. As it’s lighter weight. Really light weight. Like .25lbs! And meant for single phones or just a couple batteries. Ya. Something by Bear Grylls is actually made well and promoted by some of the nations best climbers. Go figure.

And check out the writer that reviewed the Instapark Mercury 10. Guys a stud. Walked across Alaska and most of the US (if not all of it). He’s got some great videos on his facebook page and/or youtube. IIRC. Where he gives a lecture at Googles headquarters. Guys a legit dude. And writes great reviews. That outdoor labs place is by far the best review site I’ve seen for commercial hiking and climbing gear.